Karidis Group International has shared all their recent St Louis news...

Karidis Group International has shared all their recent St Louis news…with exciting announcements regarding the Lamborghini Athletic Centre, the addition of PAO Volleyball USA and the recalibration of the PAO Soccer Schools training curriculum and RDA program. We are now excited to share all of their recent news from Athens, Greece. These acquisitions will help firmly secure a variety of options along a professional European path for both our PAO US men and women, across multiple divisions, in both soccer and volleyball. While we have always had our connection to PAO FC for the Men’s First Team and the Residency Program, adding these new options creates opportunities for a broader spectrum of athletes, now both men and women, in both soccer and volleyball!


Nicholas Karidis, President and CEO of Panathinaikos Athletic Organization-USA and Karidis Group International, has recently purchased the historic, Ilioupoli FC, in Athens, Greece. GS Ilioupoli (Greek: ΓΣ Ηλιούπολη) was founded in 1953 and is a multi-sport club based in Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece. It has about 2,000 athletes competing in nine sports, including Football, Basketball (Men’s and Women’s), Judo, Tennis, Track and Field, Swimming, Volleyball (Men’s and Women’s), Water Polo. The acquisition came after Nicholas Karidis was personally approached with the offer by former President of Ilioupoli FC because of their long standing friendship and deep respect for each other. He has already been approached about taking his involvement to a deeper level and running for President of Ilioupoli Athletic Organization in June 2016… which would put him over all Ilioupoli sports.
We are excited to announce Ilioupoli FC will mirror PAO USA and will be wearing Puma, and sponsored by Lamborghini Gold Coast, although their colors are red and blue. The team is in the process of rebuilding, and as part of this process, will have a new Head Coach for the 2015-2016 year. Makis Balagiannis has assumed the role of Head Coach, and has brought Spiridon “Niko” Karidis on board to add to the First Team roster. We are thrilled to have Ilioupoli FC under the Karidis Group International umbrella, and even more excited to have a PAO USA presence in the club with Coach Makis and Spiridon “Niko” Karidis! This will pave the way for future US male football players who may want to play professionally in Europe.

Nicholas Karidis was voted unanimously to the Board of Glyfada FC in June 2015 as Vice President. Athlitikos Omilos Glyfada (Greek: Π.Α.Ε. Α.Ο. Γλυφάδας) is a Greek football club, based in Glyfada, Athens, that was founded in 1976. Glyfada FC has both men’s and women’s football, and is currently in the process of merging the two divisions into one united group. We are excited to have Glyfada FC as another path for both men and women who may be interested in playing professionally in Europe.

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to be moving closer to launching the first PAO Women’s team in Athens, Greece in the Fall of 2016. Karidis Group International will own the team, and is recruiting top talent now from both Europe and the US in preparation of the opening season next year. Karidis Group International (KGI) is a privately owned company involved in a variety of international business activities and services, including: professional sports franchises, a sports management agency, property investment and development, entertainment, consulting, import/export, and joint ventures. KGI has exciting developments both locally in the US, and internationally in Athens, that create opportunities at all levels for both male and female football players. We are proud to have these prestigious organizations be a part of KGI!

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