Grassroots Referee Course - Alton, IL



Course Cost is $65.00 (if your over 18 years old then additional $30.00 for background check that is good for 2 years) – International Background checks are $150.00.


Licenses issued now will be valid until December 31, 2024. Once expired Referees do a Recertification Course.


All referee certifications are done thru the US Soccer Learning Center. The First-Time Referee course is comprised of online assignments PLUS mandatory attendance at the 2.5-hour field session training. The online assignments are:


Online Assignments include:

  • Background Screening (if 18 years or older) – must CLEAR background screening before license will be issued. Allow minimum of 10-14 days for processing of Background Screening.
  • SafeSport Training (if 18 years or older)
  • Introduction to Safe and Health Playing Environments
  • Introduction
  • Preparing for the Game
  • During the Game
  • After the Game
  • Laws of the Game
  • Laws of the Game Update
  • Quiz

To register for a course:


1.         Go to US Soccer's Learning Center at:

2.         If you have not set up a profile, you must click on SIGN UP, complete all information and submit.            

3.         Once your profile is set up, simply log in and click on COURSES at top of page, then click on AVAILABLE COURSES.

4.         Under License Pathway click on "Grassroots First-time Referees", then click on Course List on the right.

5.         All available Entry/First Time courses will be shown. 

6.         Click on COURSE DETAILS to register for online assignments.

7.         Once registered, click on "COURSES" at top, then MY COURSES, then GO TO CLASSROOM and click on the "ASSIGNMENTS" tab at top of page to complete online requirements.  Assignments will show in green and marked "satisfactory" when completed.  


Online assignments do not need to be completed before the field session training; however, they MUST be completed by posted deadline to receive license and badge.  If online assignments are not completed by posted deadline, registration will be cancelled.  There are NO transfers or refunds. If the Field Session is on the weekend, then deadline for online coursework is Monday Midnight after the Field Session.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Office.


Thank you,


Jenny Miguel

Office Director, Illinois Soccer Referee Committee

Office: 847-690-9881 Cell: 224-409-6680 website: