SLYSA Complex Rules

  • Speed Limit 10 MPH
  • NO Glass Containers
  • NO Outside Alcoholic Beverages Allowed
  • NO Weapons of Any Kind
  • NO Pets
  • NO Warming Up in Goal Boxes, or Playing on Closed Fields
  • NO Hitting Golf Balls, or Throwing Rocks or Other Objects
  • NO Vehicles Beyond Parking Lots, Roadways or on Fields
  • NO Littering, Profanity or Obscenities
  • SMOKING ONLY ALLOWED in Parking Lot Areas

Park at Your Own Risk, Not Responsible for Damage to Vehicles
Not Responsible for Items Left on Fields, or Overnight
Private Property – No Trespassing

Facility for Private Use Only

Not a Public Park

Enjoy a Great Day of Soccer at Your Facility!