Severe Weather Guidelines

Saint Louis Youth Soccer Association follows the US Soccer Federation Severe Weather Guidelines, when severe weather conditions are present. SLYSA also has lighting detection equipment and Doppler radar connection availability at the complex to monitor and track approaching storms. It is SLYSA’s policy to alert the referrers, players, coaches, and spectators in the park with one long air horn blast lasting for approximately 30 seconds, signaling to get off the field. The all clear signal is one 15 second blast, followed by a brief pause, and another 15 second blast from the air horn. If you are at the complex, PLEASE get to your vehicle to seek shelter and remain in it until you are notified by your Coach that it is safe to return to the field for play. Your vehicle is the safest place; avoid open shelters, high elevations, open areas, tall objects, metal bleachers, unprotected open buildings, rain shelters, trees, and light post or poles. SLYSA will also post this information on the Coaches hotline and the SLYSA web-site for all players and parents so they are aware of the delays. Please make note of the time the notification was placed and when the next notification will be posted. Referees will be notified by the Assignor when it is safe to return to the field. When the referees return to the field sideline, so can the coaches and players and the game will resume where suspended.

For more information see US Soccer Federation Severe Weather Guidelines