Injured Player/Person

Procedure for injured players or persons:


1. Should an injury occur to a player on the field, or a person while at the SLYSA complex, the Operations Staff is available for assistance. You (Coach, Referee, Parent) should contact the Bumps & Bruises Clinic located at the SLYSA office. If a player is injured and does not get up on their own, DO NOT MOVE THE PLAYER/PERSON until an evaluation is completed.


2. An evaluation must be performed on the injured person to determine how they will come off the field. There are only three choices after the evaluation is completed.

  • The person can walk off to the sideline by themselves.
  • The person is injured, however able to get up or be placed on the Med-gator to go to the sideline for further first aid, evaluation, or observation.
  • The person has a serious injury and should not be moved, assistance is needed from Professional Medical Staff, and we must wait for the ambulance to arrive at the field to assist in treatment.


3. Operations Staff Memeber will not leave the injured person for any reason; if more help is needed they will radio and get further assistance. This Operations Person is the link between the injured person and the arriving medical support staff.


4. SLYSA’s Med-gator is the vehicle to use if it is determined the injured person is unable to go to the sideline under their own power. THIS MED-GATOR IS THE ONLY VEHICLE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD!


5. 911 SHOULD ONLY BE CONTACTED THROUGH THE USE OF THE COMPLEX LAND PHONE. NEVER USE A CELL PHONE. The complex phone will give them the correct address of the complex and is the quickest way for them to route the emergency vehicle to our location. Keep in mind SLYSA is not the only complex with soccer fields within a 10 mile radius of I370 and Elm Point/New Towne.


6. Operations Staff will meet the emergency vehicle at the front of the park and escort them using the quickest route that gets them as close as possible to the injured person.