Create Game Cards

Faster, simpler Game Cards

Working with gotsoccer, we have been able to create a simpler, faster way to create game cards.

Each team will down-load and print their game card from their gotsoccer team account each week. The roster on the game card is duplicated from your roster in your gotsoccer account so you don’t have to create labels or write the roster on your game card each week. After you print the game card, for each individual game, you may strike through player names to remove them or add additional players on the game card. (Continue to make sure that each player has a unique jersey number.) Both teams will present their game card to the referee before the start of the game. After the game, remember to sign the game card chosen by the referee to record the game score. You may also add any other notes on the game card at that time. Note: If you prefer, you may still use the old game cards.
Note: while we ask that both teams bring their game card, only one game card is required, so if you forget your game card, then you may record your information on the game card provided by the opponent or the facility.

Here are the steps to take to print your game card:

  • Step 1 – Go to www.gotsoccer.com and click on User Login
  • Step 2 – Click on teams/login
  • Step 3 – Enter your username/password for the team, coach or manager account and click login, contact the SLYSA office if you forget the username/password.
  • Step 4 – Click on the current event, such as SLYSA Fall league
  • Step 5 – Click on the Schedule tab
  • Step 6 – Click on the game number in the schedule for which you want to print the game card.
  • Step 7 – The system will create a pdf game card, Open or Save it and then Print your game card.

That’s it… bring the game card with you to the game.